Feralas Norwegian Elkhounds

Feralas Norwegian Elkhounds

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Feralas Norwegian Elkhounds

NSW, Australia

Feralas Norwegian Elkhounds is a kennel in New South Wales, Australia, owned by Christine & Bronwyn Monckton.

Feralas began in 2005 with the introduction of Australian Grand Champion Simpatico Cheeky Bear. Being the Cheeky one of the litter, he arrived at our home as a pet dog with the occasional show in mind. We got the showing bug and Cheeky's achievements grew. In 2006 we obtained Australian Champion Jarlnit Luka as we couldn't stop at one. These two beautiful elkhounds became the founders of Feralas Kennels. They produced a beautiful litter of 7 puppies, which all went to wonderful homes.

For more information, visit our site at www.feralas.net

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